Christmas NiGHTS

How to open the last present:
If you're playing in the 'Christmas' mode, the last present cannot be opened. Why not? Because this is the present that turns 'Winter' and 'Limited Edition' Nights into the Christmas version of the game, so it obviously has no use when you're in the Christmas game.

Special Dates:
25th December - Father Christmas!
1st January - Happy New Year!
14th February - Valentine Hearts
15th April - April Fool - Play as Reala( you need to complete a normal game as Nights first )
31st October - Halloween
31st December 2099 - Fluorescent snow!

The time of day also has an effect on the scenery in Christmas Nights . Try playing at these times of day ( or changing the Saturn's clock ) to see some different things failing from the Sky:

9:00am - Crescent Moons
12:00pm - Purple Confetti
3:00pm - Sweeties!
6:00am - Weird stars
12:00am - Hearts