Earthworm Jim 2

Level Passcodes (Normal):
Level 2:Gun-Energy-Blue Gun-Sandwich-Can of Worms
Level 3:Bubblegun-Sandwich-Sandwich-Bubblegun-Energy
Level 4:Three Gun-Gun-Missile Gun-Three Gun-Blue Gun
Level 5:Energy-Bubble Gun-Bullet-Can of Worms-Jim
Level 6:Bullet-Sandwich-Gun-Jim-Gun
Level 7:Missile Gun-Blue Gun-Bubble Gun-Bullet-Sandwich
Level 8:Blue Gun-Can of Worms-Bullet-Missile Gun-Jim
Level 9:Bullet-Gun-Missile Gun-Bullet-Jim
Level 10:Sandwich-Gun-Jim-Blue Gun-Blue Gun
Level 11:Three Gun-Bullet-Bubble Gun-Energy-Bubble Gun
Level 12:Missile Gun-Energy-Bullet-Energy-Energy

Nine Lives:
Press Y, A, right, down, A, left, right

100% Energy:
Press left, A, Z, Y, down, A, Y, down.

Three Fingered Gun:
Press down, A, up, B, right, right, C, right.

Plasma Gun:
Press C, A, right, right, up, down, up, left.

Extra Homing Missiles:
Pause the game and press Y, A, up, X, C, left, Y, up.

Extra Nuke-Gun Ammo:
Pause the game and press Y, A, X, up, right, right, left, up.

Extra Machine Gun Ammo:
Pause the game and press A, up, down, right, right, left, X, C.