Fighters Megamix

Hidden characters from the tracks in order:
Track A - New Costume for Candy, press X when you select her.
Track B - Kids Akira, beat Akira and you will get Kids Sarah too!
Track C - URA Bahn, a beefed Bahn.
Track D - Janet, the slinger from VC 2.
Track E - Bark, a character from Sonic: The Fighters.
Track F - RentAHero, a character from AM2's RPG for Genesis.
Track G - Deku, a jumping bean with a twirling hat.
Track H - Siba, the missing fighter from Virtua Fighter.
Track I - Hornet, along the way to fight Hornet, you will meat Bean and access him.

Shiba - VF Style:
At the character select screen, highlight Siba and select him with the button X to fight with him VF style, blocky.

Bark in a Santa suite:
Highlight Bark and select him by pressing A+B+C and he will fight in a Santa suit!

Candy's new costume:
Highlight Candy and press X for her new costume.

Fight the AM2 palm tree:
Use the Power On in the Extra Option menu for this code. Turn on your Saturn and then press Start now once your in the game selection screen reset (START+A+B+C) Do this 30 times. Now once completed, highlight Kumachan and select him with button X and when you start a game you will be playing as Mr. Meat. Fight Mr. Meat on the Secret Course and you will fight the AM2 palm tree.

To get the Palm Tree:
Play for 85 hours (refer to the Book Keep option) Then highlight Kumachan and press Z.

How to get Hyper Mode in Extra Options:
In Survival Mode,
Play the 3 minutes and beat at least 4 fighters.
Play the 7 minutes and beat at least 6 fighters.
Play the 15 minutes and beat at least 11 fighters.
Now once this completed, you will have Hyper Mode selectable in the Extra Options menu.