Gun Griffon

Controller 1 Codes

Enter quickly at the Title Screen (says "Press Start Button"):
Unlimited Ammo - B, B, B, C, Start
Remove Targetting Cursor - Left, Right, C, A, Start
Invincible - Down, C, C, A, Start
Remove Radar - B, B, B, Down, C, Start
Unlimited Jumps - Up, Right, Down, Left, Z, Start
Hard Mode - Down, C, C, A, Start
Stage Select - Y, Y, A, Y, Y, Start
View the Ending - Down, Up, Right, A, Left, Start
Tackle Attack - Right, Right, B, C, A, Start (Lets you "Tackle" the enemy mechs, but you both take damage)
2X Hit Points - X, Y, Z, Up, Down, Start
Turret Lock - B, B, B, Up, C, (Your turret will not return to center automatically)
Change Height of Mech - Down, Left, C, C, Start (Use Z, A and C on Controller 2 to change the height of your mech.)

If you want to use more than one code:
1.Enter the code
2.Choose "Exercise"
3.Press B to cancel out to the Title Screen
4.Enter next code

Controller 2 Codes

While in the game, press Right, Right, X, B, A, L, L, L, R on Controller 2 to activate the Debugging Display. With this code in place you can:

Press Y on Controller 2 to toggle between 3 different settings (Off is best)
In Stage 1 and 10, press C on Controller 2 rapidly to make the windmills turn faster and eventually fall off!