Last Bronx

Jump out of the arena:
Backflip onto the fence and press A, B, C, and R button at the same time. You'll get a Ring Out, so this is actually quite useless.

Posing after a win:
Hold down the A, B, or C buttons after a win, and you'll pick one of your three different victory poses.

To taunt your opponent, press D, DF, F, and R button.

Change to Characters Second Uniform:
Hit C to select your character

Random Select for Watch Mode:
Hit A+B+C to get random characters

Speed Up Credits:
Before the ending credits come on, hit A+B+C and they'll roll up faster.

Main Menu Translation (first disc, from Top to Bottom, 8 selections):
Arcade Mode
VS Mode
Saturn Mode
Survival Mode
Time Attack Mode
Watch Mode

Japanese Menu Translation (Top to Bottom, Left to Right):
Difficulty (easy to arcade)
Rounds (1-5)
Time Limit (30 - infinite seconds)
Life (least-most)
Select Mode (East - Normal)
Button Configuration
Ranking Mode
Audio (mono-stereo)
Music Test
Sound Effects Test
Voice Test