Panzer Dragoon Saga

Tri-Burst Gun Upgrade:
When you go to Zoah, talk to Radgam the Hunter during the daytime. Keep talking to him and trying to touch his gun and he starts giving you a test. Answer his questions correctly and he gives you the Tri-burst weapon upgrade.

Colour Fiddle:
Press Start on the player two pad - this allows various buttons on this pad to alter the colour and brightness of the enemies in the View Enemy Data section.

Extra Berserk Attack - Astral Phantoms:
Basically just be nice to your dragon - pet him, smile at him and give him a lot of attention, and he eventually learns the new attack all by himself. Giving him a name at the start helps too, along with waiting until morning so he gets a good night's sleep.

Baby Dragon:
Once you have the Eye Wing Dragon, go to Shellcoof and access all of the pyramids surrounding the ship. Now enter it and fly to the Genesis Chamber, where you find the Ambrosias and the Dragon's Crest, plus a little dragon who will follow you around and collect items you cannot reach. Access the little dragon to get the items.

Solo Wing Dragon:
Once you become a Light Wing Dragon, return to the Forest of Zoah and go into the Red Ruins. Now enter the central structure and look for a section without a Dragon Crest on it- access it to return the Crest you're carrying to where it belongs, and this should merge you with the baby dragon to create a Solo Wing Dragon.