Hidden answering machine messages:
Turn the Saturn on with no CD in it and wait until the CD player screen comes up. Then put scud in and play track 8. This will play really funny answering machine messages.

Scud Cheat:
Here's a no-brainer 1 player cheat for Scud. Start a 2 player game and play as usual letting Drywall die. A tragedy, yes, but you shall reap the rewards of 6 continues instead of 4.

Dry code and level skip:
At the title screen hold diagonal down-right with Y and press start. If done correctly you should here the answering machine messages. Any time during the game push start and press L & R simultaneously.

Mimic Mode:
Do the DRY code and select 2 players then right before the disk spins after select let's play pull out controller number 2 from the port and drywall should mimic everything that scud does.

New option:
After beating the game dry wall should be selectable as player number 1. New story line and cinemas are added.