Sega Touring Car Championship

Change Colour of Car:
On the Car Select Menu press up or down on the controller to change the colour of your car

Hidden Track (Global Net Event):
- Change your date to 12/25/1997 to get a special Winter Holiday track
- Change your date to 2/13/1998 and the 3 standard tracks will change into Hit and Run. You must hit every cone.
- Change your date to 4/1/1998 to get a special April Foul Track. You will drive in the wrong direction and must avoid crashes with the other cars.
To change your date, go the Saturn System Menu Then start your game, go to the Saturn Side and you will find a new option Global Net Event.

New Cars:
In either arcade mode or Saturn mode, go to the options screen, and select key configuration. You must have a Sega arcade racer plugged into port 2 on the Saturn. On the arcade racer, press X, Y, Z and start all at the same time. If it has worked, you should hear the sound of exhaust. This gives you a new car called the Sega racing proto, the Sega rally cars, the fourth bonus track, an all new Saturn exclusive track, called boom town, expert mode, exhibition mode (boom town) and grand Prix mode. To select the Sega racing proto, press X on the car select screen. To get the Lancia Delta from Sega rally, highlight the Alfa Romeo and press Z, to get the Celica from Sega rally, highlight the Toyota Supra and press Z.

Extra tracks:
Urban Circuit - Get overall first place in time on the first 3 tracks in Championship mode in on the Saturn side
Boom Town Circuit- Get overall first place in time on all tracks including Urban Circuit. This has to be done on the Saturn side and in Championship mode. It will appear in Exhibition mode

Hidden Sega Racing Proto Car:
Place first on Boom Town in Exhibition mode on the Saturn side.

Change Car's paint job:
Press up or down at car select screen.

Expert Mode:
On the arcade side, finish first on the first track in grandprix mode. Then a expert mode will open, some of the races are at night. I think the weather also changes in this mode.

Get Sega Rally Cars w/o Code:
To get the Sega Rally cars without the code you must become the master of the Arcade and Saturn sides...

Arcade Side - Complete all three tracks in Championship mode on the expert difficulty, your final placing does not matter.

Saturn side - The more you play with the Yellow proto car in any mode (Championship, Exhibition, Time Attack) the better the Red proto AI car gets. Once the Red car gets good enough to win overall first you become the champion of the Saturn side (usually if it scores 26:122 in the first place lap it is good enough to win)

Red Proto car video:
When you have the Sega proto car, go two the vs race menu. There you will find a new options called play against A.I car in memory. Choose that and select the yellow Sega proto car. Press Up and the proto car gets red. Choose a track and see the Red proto car drive it.

Codes with the steering wheel:
In the SATURN SIDE or ARCADE SIDE, enter the KEY CONFIG in the OPTIONS with a steering wheel plugged into port 2 and do the following on the wheel:

X + Y + Z + START = all the game modes, tracks and cars.
L+ X or Up + X = 1st special net event.
L+ Y or Up + Y = 2nd special net event.
L+ Z or Up + Z = 3rd special net event.

If you did it right, you should hear a "VROOM" that shows it has worked.