Shining Force III

Battle Difficulty & Music Select:
Beat the entire game and collect all the hidden characters Noon, Pen, Rachet, Hagane, and Frank. After beating the game, save it so your save game says "Complete." From now on the OPTIONS screen will show a new option where you can choose your difficulty level and play the game's music.

Clear Attack Screen:
During a magic or physical attack press and hold the START button. When you do, the level and health boxes that block much of the screen will turn off.

Extra Player in Second Group:
There is a way to get an extra player in your second group at the end of the game where you have to open the dam. Put Fynnding in your first party and put the player you want in the second party. Fynnding has to be in the second party, so he will automatically be placed in the second party once the battle begins. Now in your second party, you should have your second group PLUS the extra player you selected. Keep in mind that your first party will now be one man short, but the extra player in the second team is worth it.

Friendship System Tips:
Make a fighter-type and healer-type or Monk and Mage fight the same opponent until they accept each other as partners. The fighters will protect the healers, while they will keep the fighters strong. Monks and Mages are an odd combo, but the combination of strong physical attack, strong magic, healing, and long range and/or group attacks also make them a lethal combo.

How to get Frank:
Frank is in your hometown of Flagard. To make him join all you have to do is physically push him into your headquarters.

How to get Hagane:
Hagane is hiding as a pillar in the fifth tomb in the battle to rescue Duke Palis on the tower observatory. Just inspect it during the fight or after and he will join.

How to get Noon:
To get Noon, do not kill any of the zombies in the battle in the ghost town's cemetery outside of the Mansion. Let Kahn use his orb on them. If you don't kill any of them, Noon will join after you have killed the Vandal and exited the mansion.

How to get Pen:
While you are on the train, explore until you find a room with a priest and a bag of chicken feed. Use this feed on all the chickens in the cart until one accepts it and follows you. Later when you visit the vagabond camp for the first time, in one of the tents and old couple will sell you a big egg for 100 dollars. Use this egg on the chicken which will be in your Headquarters. It will hatch Pen who will run away. You'll find in hiding in the corner of Storich.

How to get Rachet:
In the Vandals mansion in the ghost town, check the rooms after you kill the Vandal until you see one with a bunch of machinery and a switch. Pull the switch and Rachet will appear then leave. Later on the first time you visit the Vagabond camp you need to talk to him in the corner and he will run away again. If you talked to him both times he will join you at the battle right before entering the Dragon Cave.