Street Fighter Alpha

Play as Akuma:
Hold the left and right shift buttons, move to the ? box and press Away, away, away, down, down, down, jab + strong punch

Play as M. Bison:
Hold the Left and Right buttons down . Move to the ? box and press Away, away, down, down, away, down, down, jab + strong punch

Play as Dan:
Press and hold the left and right buttons and move to the ? box. Press Y, X, A, B, Y or Y, B, A, X, Y (different color uniform)

Play Dramatic Battle:
At the selection screen both characters hold down the Left button, pres up 2 time, release the left button, press up 2 times, the Player 1 hits jab and player 2 hits fierce. This doesn't have to be done simultaneously.

Easy select of Secret characters:
After you have entered the secret character codes once, all you need to do is highlight the ? box and press down to cycle through the characters. You must beath the game with the character in order for him to stay in the memory.

Team Battle Mode:
After entering the dramatic battle code once, and beating M. Bison on one of the upper difficulty leveles (? 8 ?), on the main menu under "training mode" a new team-battle mode will appear.

How to do a quick super:
Pick any character on Autoblock. To do a taunt in the middle of the game you must press the L and R buttons, but if you have a super ready, press the appropriate punch + kick buttons for the super level you wish to exicute. It may take a couple tries, and there are different supers for different characters.

Fight Akuma:
To fight Akuma select a character then after that hold the L and R buttons and the B button. keep holding them down untill he comes out of the screen. Akuma does his raging demon combo on your opponent, then beats the crap out of you.

Fight Dan:
You must first beat the game without losing one round, and you should get the message "A new fighter has entered the tournament". You can now fight Dan. To reach him you must win every fight, but you don't have to win every round. At the end of every round you win hold down all three punch button X+Y+Z and the directional pad eaither up, down, left, or right. You must use the same direction every time. At the start of the 6th fight a message will flash "A new challanger has entered the fight", this will be Dan. After you beat Dan you will return to the 6th fight.

Fight Dan the Easy way:
After winning the fifth, sixth, or seventh match hold down the L + R Buttons and Up on the D. Pad.

Kepping Characters in Memory:

Bison - To keep Bison in memory you must fight Bison and beat him on level 8, with as many continues as you want.

Dan - you must complete the Dan code on level 6 or higher, then beat the game with as many continues as you want.

To save Akuma in the memory you must find him and beat him in the game, not using the code. To do this you must do the following:

1. Play at level 5 or higher
2. Super Finish 10 or more rounds
3. Don't lose too many rounds (2 at the most)
4. Use the original color on the left side (punch to select character)
5. Use the original color on the right side (use kick this time)

Akuma's Raging deamon:
jab, jab, forward, short fierce, fierce. A 15 hit combo move, always lethal.

Keep playing the Dramatic Battle:
To continue playing the Dramatic battle without entering the code again press X on player 1s controller and Z on player 2s.

Get the original Blue Super Shadows:
For the original blue super shadows set the music to original in the options menu.