The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Access All Levels:
To access any level, enter the password XAXYYYYYZXYY.

Child Mode:
Enter the password XXXXXXXXXXXX for easy kills and no gore.

Play as the Human Prey:
Enter the password YYXYZYYYZXYY.

Play as the Hunter:
Enter the password YYXYZYYYXZXY.

Play as the Hunter:
Enter the password YYXYZXYYXZXY.

Play as the Tyrannosaurus Rex:
Enter the password AYYYXYXYYZYY.

Play as the Velociraptor:
Enter the password ZXYYYZXYXYXY.

View All Dinosaur Galleries:
To view all of the dinosaur galleries, enter the password XZXYXYYYZXYY.

View Compy Gallery:
To view the compy gallery, enter the password AYXYXXZXZZYY.