Virtua Cop 2

Small Mode:
Set the difficulty at easy, auto reload, VC1, sight on, and mirror mode. The enemies should be smaller.

Big head mode:
Plug in the Virtua Gun in the player one slot and the controller in the player two slot. At the tittle screen press Up, Down, Up, Down, A, X, B, Y, C, Z. In the options plus menu were the question marks were Big Head should appear.

Go the ending level:
Shoot on the arrow below the first level until time has passed in the level choose menu.

Play with another cop:
Plug in the controllers During the choosing of the level hold X to play with Rage. Hold Y to play with Smarty and hold Z to play with Janet. Both players can play with the same cop too!

Unlimited bullets:
While the SEGA logo is on the screen, press: Up, Up, Down, Down, A, B, C. If this is done OK, you will hear a sound. At the options screen, enable GUN SELECT.

To get all options and unlimited bullets:
Player 1 must plug in the Virtua Gun and player 2 the controller At the titlescreen, press: Up, Down, Up, Down, A, X, B, Y, C, Z. (Quickly!) You will hear a gun fire and you have all options.

To place all enemies in a random position:
Player 2 has to go to the third option menu and hold the cursor above EXIT. Now, press RIGHT- SHIFT and press START. Go to arcade and keep holding the SHIFT button. Choose a level and then all enemies appear in random mode.