What is the Visual Memory System?

Sega's Visual Memory System (VMS) is a revolutionary peripheral which will expand Dreamcast's world of new generation digital entertainment. Functioning as back-up memory, a sub-monitor and a personal data recorder, the VMS unit is a completely new personal communication tool which provides new ways of enjoying video gaming.

When connected to the Dreamcast hand controller:

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You can use VMS as your back-up memory with high speed memory transfer achieved as you save or load gaming data to the Dreamcast. VMS can be used during gameplay to perform changes in your game settings ( eg. Save position, load character data etc.) Used as a sub-monitor: the built-in liquid crystal display means you can keep information secret from your gaming opponents : in sports games you can change your formations discretely, in action games you can use the screen as a radar, or to list inventory of items. 2 player games can be more fun on Dreamcast than on any current games system on the market.

When you detach the VMS from Dreamcast:

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VMS will transform into a tiny portable game machine after downloading the game from Dreamcast. Results of your game can then be downloaded back to Dreamcast for use in another game. By using the built-in screen you can easily see what data is stored in the memory without connecting to Dreamcast.

When two VMS's are plugged together:

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Data can be exchanged between two units. 2 player head-to-head games can be played.

The combined power of VMS and Dreamcast is set to offer a wider variety of gaming enjoyment that ever before. We hope you will watch with interest as the full potential of this system is uncovered.

VMS Specifications:


Energy-saving 8-Bit




48 pixel (width) x 32 pixels (height) monochrome
37mm (width) x 26mm (height)


47mm (height) x 80mm (length) x 16mm (depth)


Button battery x2
Auto power off function


PWM one channel sound source


45 grammes