Get Hosted on the Sega Zone

Got a nice Sega related site and your looking for a home? Then the Sega Zone hosting plan might be the thing you're looking for. Have a look at the following services we can offer you:

Free hosting and FTP


  • All of our new hosted sites are given a big promotion at launch. Your updates will be featured on Sega Zone's front page; thousand of visitors directed to your site on a daily basis!
Data Traffic

  • There's no data traffic limit and for all your download files we have a special OC3 ftp server that is built to handle nothing but Bandwidht.

E-Mail / CGI

  • You can use multiple e-mail addresses for your site. Special forward mailing, or mail lists are also available. When needed you can also make use of our CGI server. (All scripts must be approved by the web administrator)

UBB Affiliate Forum

What we Ask

  • Depending on what your site's about, there might be no reason at all to update your site daily, But we expect your site to be updated as frequently as necessary.

  • Affiliate needs to place our banner code within the upper third of the initial screen view of each page on which it appears.

Contact US
  • Agreed with our rules? Send a mail to The e-mail must include your name, e-mail address, and a description and current URL for your site.

Posted by: Ryoni Schouten