Sega To Drop Price Of Dreamcast And Games

Although Sega hasn't officially announced anything as of yet, a few retailers have notified us here at Segadojo that Sega is planning to drop the price of their Dreamcast system to $149.99 come September 1st. The price change would take effect following the end of their current $50 SegaNet promotion, and would certainly come at a key time, allowing for a hefty battle with the Playstation 2 when it arrives in October.

Right now, we're going to consider the news as a rumor until it is actually official, but, man, it'd be a smart move in the face of the upcoming systems war. And who knows how the $200 rebate plan, set to kick in on September 7th, would take affect as well? Hmmm...

Sega DID confirm their All-Star game plan for $19.99 including such titles as:

House of the Dead 2
Sonic Adventure
Sega Bass Fishing
Crazy Taxi.

The first game will be NFL 2K, and will hit $19.99 on August 15th.

News by: Michael Malkin