Dreamcast Top 3: Fighting Games

Each Week we will look at two different game genres. I will rank in my opinion the top 3 games in each genre. Today we look at the genre which is the Dreamcast’s greatest strength: FIGHTING GAMES.

Worst Fighting Game: Psychic force 2012
Why? : This is one of the absolute worst games I have played on the Dreamcast. The graphics are 32-Bit quality and the gameplay is terrible. The only positive: You can get it for $14.99 now.

Now onto the top 3:

3: Power Stone- Capcom’s first Dreamcast fighter is also its most original. This is an example of a game that couldn’t be done on 32 or 64-bit hardware. The free roaming gameplay is top notch and the character design is classic Capcom. For a totally original fighting experience you can’t go wrong with Power Stone.

2: Soul Calibur- Namco’s sole 3D Dreamcast game is one of the greatest fighters of all time. The game contains jaw-dropping graphics and excellent weapons based gameplay. This is the Dreamcast game to show your friends to make them buy a system.

And #1…

1: Virtua Fighter 3tb- Yu Suzuki and AM2’s fighting masterpiece continues to impress even a year after its release. Graphics are not on par with Soul Calibur (they are still not too shabby) but the gameplay is deeper. Of all the games I purchased for the Dreamcast in ’99 this is the only one that still spins in my DC on a regular basis… and that’s saying something.

What do you think?

Do you agree with me or am I totally off base?

Please e-mail me at michaelmalkin@excite.com with your top 3 list.

Coming Soon: The Top 3 Platformers

News by: Michael Malkin