Dreamcast Top 3: Platformers

Each week we will take a look at the top 3 games in 2 different genres. Today: Platformers

3: Super Magnetic Neo- This game is hard and that is why I like it. Many reviewers complained about the game's difficulty level but I loved it. If this game wasn't difficult I would have chucked it in the trash.
The main character is cool, the gameplay is top notch, and Genki delivers a DC platforming classic.

2: Rayman 2- Ubi-Soft takes its 2D masterpece and moves it into 3D. This game is one of the 5 most visually impressive games on the DC and deserves every gamer's attention. Graphic, Gameplay, Story-- all work-- A joy to play.

1: Sonic Adventure- THE KING IS BACK. Everything I could say about this excellent title from the geniuses at Sonic Team has already been said soo I've decided to express myself using a math equation:

Old School 2D Sonic Gameplay





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News by: Michael Malkin