Dreamcast Top 3: Puzzle Games

In part 3 of our continuing series we take a look at the best puzzlers on the Dreamcast.

3: Bust A Move 4- BAM is probably the second most respected puzzle series (after Tetris). While its fourth installment isn't very innovative it is still an excellent and addictive puzzle game.

2: Mr. Driller- Namco's 2nd DC release is not as graphically intense as Soul Calibur but I think its just as fun. This game is a mix of Tetris and Dig Dug. The game seamlessly blends action and puzzles to create a uniqu puzzle experience.

1: Chu Chu Rocket- What a game! Sonic Team delivers an excellent tilte that show their versatility. After designing the best platform game (Sonic Adventure) for the DC they come along and also design the best puzzle game. I can't speak highly enough of this game-- it has a number of modes (Puzzle, Battle, Network) and all of them are excellent. Great party game with 4 players. Sorry-- enough gushing.

P.S. If there are any online Chu2 players out there please contact me and I'll set up a match. I will (almost) guarantee that no reader can defeat me.

E-mail your username and what time you want to play and I'll see if we can set it up.

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News by: Michael Malkin