Reader Reaction: Top 3 Fighters

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

So far most reader have lambasted me for choosing Virtua Fighter 3tb as the #1 fighter on the DC. Many call me crazy, insane, eccentric.

Will I cave in to this pressure?


I am sticking by my guns. VF 3tb is the BEST fighting game on the DC, Period. While this is only my personal opinion I think many people who responded haven't played the game ( I think the official U.S. sales of the game were 2-- 1 to me and 1 to Yu Suzuki when he was here for E3.)

Try the game... Buy the guide, it helps you to learn just how deep a game this is.

Whew... now that that is over onto the important stuff.
(BTW I apololgize if any reader was angered by my defensive tone in the early stages of this article. If you were... try to get over it)

And now the reader's top 3 Dreamcast fighters...

3. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
2. Dead Or Alive 2
1. Soul Calibur

There you have it... the reader top 3.


News by: Michael Malkin