Seaman Headed To A Store Near You

It has been a long wait but we are pretty sure Seaman is going to offer something completely different to gaming. We will have a full review once we have had adequate time with the fishman.

In the meantime, here is the official line on the game:

Sega‚ of America, Inc. today announced the release of "Seaman " for the 128-bit, Internet-ready Sega Dreamcast videogame console. Debuting as the first console videogame to use voice recognition technology in the United States, Seaman challenges players to successfully care for and evolve a mysterious human and aquatic hybrid creature named "Seaman" by maintaining his habitat and conversing with him via a revolutionary microphone peripheral. Developed for Sega by Yoot Saito of Vivarium and featuring narration by Leonard Nimoy, "Seaman" has cultivated a fascinating new style of interactive gaming that reflects the innovative vision of Segaís developers. As testament, Seaman is the #1 selling Dreamcast title of all time in Japan.

With more than 12,000 lines of dialogue, the ability to recall past conversations, and the playerís objective to uncover the mystery of Seamanís origins through real-time conversations, Seaman is paving the way for artificial intelligence in electronic entertainment. Depending on variables such as the age, gender, relationship status and occupation of the user, Seaman will have different comments and responses. Since he has an extensive memory, users might find themselves revisiting topics and events. Only by interacting with Seaman to help him evolve, will gamers ultimately discover the mystery behind his existence.

Given his dependency on interaction, users much approach Seaman with the intent of cultivating a relationship with him. This requires at least 10 minutes of interaction a day for almost a month.

"With ĎSeamanísí voice recognition technology and unusual premise, Sega is continuing to break new ground with its content," said Stacey Kerr, product manager, Sega of America. "The engaging and offbeat Seaman is uncontestable proof that Sega continues to be the home of the most entertaining and ground-breaking games."

Leonard Nimoy, the gameís narrator, serves as a guide for the user providing daily tips regarding Seamanís evolution and clues to solving his mystery. Each day, gamers will prepare a tank by adjusting the oxygen, heat and light settings for Seaman, who is dependant on the gamer for itís life-blood.

A close eye on the food supply and a regular feeding schedule are also very important to the foster care of Seaman. Throughout the course of the game, players will discover that his occasionally insolent disposition and irreverent responses to questions are a true reflection of his feelings and how heís been treated. A dirty habitat, low temperature and poor lighting are sure to make for a grumpy Seaman.

Habitat conditions and proper nutrients arenít the only things the offbeat Seaman needs in order to survive and prosper. Interaction with Seaman is required daily since it is crucial to his growth and well-being. If Seaman is neglected or held out of water for too long, he may take on a crude demeanor and refuse to respond to the userís disembodied hand tapping on the monitor or voice commands. Interesting conversation, good interaction, occasional tickling and proper care will result in a harmonious relationship with the shameless Seaman.

Players depend on the Visual Memory Unit (VMU) to store game data and for information on Seamanís status. The VMU can act as a playerís insight into Seamanís mood, as well. An exclamation point displayed on the VMU means that Seaman is attentive, while a question mark indicates that he is ready to receive questions.

"Seaman," which includes the microphone peripheral, is available for $69.99 at Canadian retailers and at

News by: Mike Weatherup