Dreamcast titles getting cut?

For some odd reason a number of Dreamcast titles have been cut from production or dropped from Sega itself.

Here is what we know:

Ubi Soft is rumoured to have cut it's DC production of El Dorado due to poor interest in the console. (Poor interest?)

Codemasters in the UK have halted production on Colin McRae 2 and any remaining Dreamcast titles. The reason? Focus on other consoles. PS2 anyone?

Sega has dumped the publishing rights to Climax Graphic's upcoming horror Illbleed. Sega feels it has enough on it's plate for this holiday. Hopefully someone else will pick it up soon.

Sega has also cancelled it's plans for Baldur's Gate. No explaination has been given at this point.

Finally, according to www.fatbabies.com, Interplay is holding off on Messiah. Once again no reason has been issued, but speculation points to the fact that the game was absent from Interplay's financial plans which were released yesterday.

One bright tidbit to report. Do you remember Visual Concepts was working on a platform game called Foligan Brothers? Well, according to IGNDC, the game is still in development and is coming along nicely. Why the silence? The game will not show up until sometime in Q2 or Q3 2001, not Fall 2000 as initially expected.

News by: Mike Weatherup