European Virtua Tennis Release Date

Sega Europe serves up an ace today with the imminent release
of .Virtua Tenniss,- its first-ever tennis title for the 128-bit,
Internet-ready Sega Dreamcasts videogame console. .Virtua Tennis-
features fast-paced gameplay, authentic environments and an array of
court surfaces that make this game ultra-realistic and fun to play.
.Virtua Tennis- delivers rich 3D graphics and crisp animations so the
pros in the game move like the pros in real life. Using simple,
intuitive controls, gamers feel like they are actually delivering that
drop shot or overhead smash.
.Virtua Tennis- allows gamers to play solo or match up against each other
four at a time, for hard-hitting multi-player fun. Gamers can choose to
play eight internationally ranked tennis pros including Jim Courier,
Cedric Pioline, Tim Henman, Tommy Haas, Mark Phillippoussis, Carlos Moya,
Thomas Johansson and Yevgeny Kafelnikov. The pros in the game not only
bear each athlete"s physical likeness, but also each electronic player
has the pro"s real life skill attributes. Hear the pros" grunts and
groans as they volley for victory with cross-court shots. Watch them go
head-to-head on a variety of surfaces -- hard, clay, grass, or carpet --
and see how each surface responds differently.
.Virtua Tennis breaks new ground in the tennis genre in terms of graphics
and gameplay,- said Alison Turner, Head of Marketing, UK. .The game is
easy to pick up and play, and provides for hours of replay value with
multiple playing modes, new lifelike courts and all-new virtual
"Virtua Tennis" players can choose .World Circuit Mode- and tour the
globe as they battle to win all the big tournaments. With each win,
players collect .cash- awards and .shop- in the game. Gamers can go into
virtual stores and buy new strings for their rackets, cool tennis apparel
or energy drinks. If they're feeling like big spenders, they can buy
their way into locked stadiums or take on a new identity and buy locked
characters. Once players have completed the entire World Circuit, they
can access a secret character that can only be seen by circuit champions.
Sega"s got a surprise for those who prefer arcade gameplay. In arcade
mode, gamers can progress to different locations with each match won.
They too will unlock a secret character after winning all of the arcade
mode levels.
To add to the realism, "Virtua Tennis" has included crowds that chime in
with .oohs- and .aahhs- with every good or bad play. To add to the fun,
Sega has included a replay feature, which allows gamers to watch
incredible plays over again, right after they"re made.
.Virtua Tennis- will be in stores 8TH Sept 2000

News by: Ryoni Schouten