Dreamcast Success: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

Will the Dreamcast be successful?

That seems to be the question everyone is asking-- especially game developers. Some developers have decided to pull titles off the DC. Other major publishers like Square, EA, and Namco offer no or little DC support.

What I don't understand is their reasoning.

The reason they give for not developing fpr DC is that they want to make it for the PS2 sbecause more people will buy a PS2 than will a Dreamcast.

Here's where the self-fulfilling prophecy comes in.

If all these developers supported DC instead of PS2 they would sell just as well because MORE PEOPLE WOULD BUY A DREAMCAST.

Take all the Square, EA, and Namco products from the PS2 launch and what do you have?


Ridge Racer V
Tekken Tag
Madden 2001

These are the games everyone wants... If these developers had put these games on the DC-- than they could say

"We feel DC is a more viable platfom than Playstation 2."

Instead of the other way around.

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News by: Michael Malkin