Dreamcast Top 3: Action Games

As Dreamcast approaches its 1st birthday we continue our look at the best games on the system.

3: Fur Fighters- This game mixes cuddly bears with cold steel-- and I like it. The game delivers a good experience and is very different from other games on the market. The only Acclaim title worth owning on the DC.

2: MDK 2: Take a 16-Bit corridor shooter into 3D and you'd have MDK 2. This game is sooooooooooo hard... It took me a week to beat the first level. This game offers what I like to call "Old-School Replay Value"-- which is when you have to play a level a hundred times before you finally beat it. This game has my highest possible recommendation.

1: Crazy Taxi- Hey wait... What's a racing game doing here in the action section? Well despite the fact that it has a car in it Crazy Taxi is not a racing game; it is an action game, and a darn good one at that. This game is definitely a contender for best DC game of all-time and also carries my highest recommendation. Graphics and gameplay are mixed seamlessly and beautifully, enjoy.

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News by: Michael Malkin