Daytona USA 2: Battle on the edge


AM R&D Dept. #2





Release Date: 

Japan - Spring 1998
Europe - Summer 1998


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3D Racing

Daytona USA 2 is the second big sequel from a successful Sega Game that will release this year in the Arcade after Sega Rally 2

Well the main improvements on the original are the graphics, cars, the cabinet and the race tracks. The pop-up is gone that has plagued the original, even the arcade version had it!


  1. Players can switch between four different view points and these are front, drivers, rear and bird's eye.
  2. Up to 16 machines can be linked together using a dedicated network. There isn't a arcade game yet that has this kind of capability.
  3. All the thunderous engine sounds have been sampled from actual cars. The cabinet's speaker system also captures the uproar of cars crashing into each other or other obstacles. Even the "doppler effect" as cars pass by has been faithfully reproduced.
  4. The cool beats from the soundtrack were recorded in New York and feature US chart toppers, Whinger, who collaborated with Sega's own sound stuff.
  5. The deluxe cabinet features a "Crash Impact Generator" that delivers shocks to the player's back and feet upon impact, including the engine's rumble.
  6. Daytona USA 2 will have a huge 50" projection monitor totally immerses players into the driving action for maximum effect!

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!
To begin the game, players choose the specific race track they wish to drive on, the car that suits abilities, transmission type and race mode.

Transmission Type
More than simple affecting the overall gameplay, all the car's top speeds increase if you choose the Manual Transmission over Automatic.

Race Mode
To ensure plenty of variety there are three great game modes in Daytona USA 2. AM2 have obvious realised their legions of fans want more from their racing games and it certainly looks like they're delivered. Here's what's on offer:

Beat the Clock
A time trial with only the players should choose this mode for the highest scores.

Real Players Only
Only the participating players' cars race. Excellent fun for the intermediate and serious players in groups who just want to race each other.

This mode removes the "auto-assist" feature that automatically speeds up the slower cars in linked play, therefore allowing a real showdown of the players 'true driving skills.

Race Tracks

Beginner (Oval Track)
Race 8 laps with 40 cars This is a very basic and simple course with the emphasis on endurance and maintaining a steady high speed despite frequent collisions. Great for practising your driving techniques or smashing your car up, but the pro racers will merely be whetting their appetites.

Intermediate (Amusement Park Track)
Race 4 laps with 20 cars A tricky course with plenty of bends and corners that require spot-on use of breaking and acceleration techniques, but with plenty of opportunity still remaining for high speed action. Here's where the game separates the men from the boys!

Advanced (City Track)
Race 2 laps with 30 cars Certainly the longest course ever seen in any driving game! This complex track requires your utmost concentration and exceptional skills will be needed to master this track run.


Normal (Scorpio Plasma Racing)
Top Speed : 206 mph for AT Transmission/ 208 mph for MT Transmission
The main player should choose this car which requires good use of the accelerator and brakes.

Easy (Chums Gum Racing)
Top Speed : 201 mph for AT Transmission/ 204 mph for MT Transmission
This car is purely for the beginners. The steering of this car is incredibly easy to control.

Hard (Phantom Racing)
Top Speed : 209 mph for AT Transmission/ 212 mph for MT Transmission
This car is for the more advanced and serious players and racing fans. This is the best car for the more advanced players because of its ability to drift.

Release Dates

Daytona USA 2 is out in Japanese arcades now and should hit America and Europe in the Summer of this year.