Big Bang


Rayland Interactive


Project 2 Interactive



Release Date: 

Second Quarter '2000




Space Shooter

The largest VideoGames Publisher of the Benelux "Project 2 Interactive" recently announced that they will bring their awesome looking space shooter "Big Bang" to the Dreamcast.

Big Bang has been under development for over a year in the Paris-based studio "Rayland Interactive".

The game will feature spectacular space battles with up to 40 spacecraft's displayed at once, equally to Sierra's Babylon V. Big Bang uses a custom built 3D engine, which utilises all kind of special effects such as dynamic real-time lighting and explosions.

The game includes a mission based storyline (18 Missions). The main player of the game is a young and talented pilot who belongs to the Sekians, a race devoted to the alliance with the Chakkams (a colony of mad scientists) and their working class robots, the Kümats.

I'm not sure if the Dreamcast version will online multiplayer gaming PC one, because of the DC World-wide Network that 's still under development. Project 2's Big Bang is currently scheduled for a European release somewhere between the First and Second quarter of '2000.

We will keep you updated about the development of the Dreamcast version. Checkout the media page for screenshots and a cool PC Demo of the game.

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