NFL Blitz 2000







Release Date: 

09/09/1999 - U.S.A





The sequel to one of the craziest football games of all time is headed to the Dreamcast. Creatively titled as "NFL Blitz 2000". The sequel to this game will not be just a graphical face-lift (a la Madden series) but introduce some new play mechanics. But don't worry, not much of the fun stuff will change. You can still cannonball on other people. And kick them across the field. One of the most touted features is 4-player mayhem. Basically this mode is you and a friend vs. two other friends. An example of how this works is you can be the quarterback and pass to your friend who happens to be the receiver. This game will not have modem capacity, probably due to all the players on the field. Which in short, means excessive lag.

The sound department is still the same, you will hear dirty talk. Not to mention the bone crushing, it's all there. Another innovating feature is being on "fire". Being on fire will basically get you unlimited turbo.

The graphics on the game are arcade perfect. In some cases, better than the arcade, the amount of detail in the game is just insane, and this is just a first generation game! Players have huge muscles. Midway changed a few graphical things first of all; the characters in the game actually look like the real player (not a sumo-wrestler). Also, you can play in weather, so your players will slip, slide, basically make fools of themselves. Wind will play a factor on the game. Let's say that you try to kick a field goal from 50 yards away and everything is straight and lined-up perfectly. Uh-oh, a strong gust comes by, and blows it away. That's the idea.

Midway has this impressive game as a launch title, and should be in households 9/9/99.

Preview by: Hernan Birckenstaedt