Buggy Heat






1-2 split-screen

Release Date: 

March '1999 (Japan)





Buggy Heat is CRI's second dreamcast game that is under development.

Game Info Buggy Heat is a racing game based on the in US and Australia populair sport 'buggy racing'.

Buggy Heat will include 6 highly detailed courses, the racing landscapes will have various weather and day/night configurations for a more realistic feeling. Thanks to the powerful processor and polygon counts of the Dreamcast, Buggy Heat will have impressive visuals and amazing detailed racing cars. (see pictures on the right)

The game will take fully adventage of the VMS, the allows players to store their drivers characteristics which can then be used to compete against other players. The VMS unit will even permit that you can survey the courses before a race.

Another cool feature of the game is that the replay mode will use a in-cockpit view to show the drivers how their combination of steering, accerelation and braking relates to their performance. Buggy Heat will include, Championship, time attack, training+ head-to-head and splitscreen play modes.

Final Word

Buggy Heat seems to be a very cool racing game that can do well when it is released, but it has to compete with strong competitors, such as Sega Rally 2, Daytona USA 2.

Buggy Heat has been scheduled to release in March '1999.

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Preview by: Ryoni Schouten