Dynamite Cop







Release Date: 

Q1 2000





Note - This preview has been written based on my impressions of playing the Japanese version.

The story goes like this: The president's daughter is aboard a ship that gets hijacked by a gang of pirates. You are part of a commando team sent to infiltrate the ship, rescue the president's daughter, and take out the pirates' leader.

Dynamite Cop is the sequel to Die Hard Arcade on the Saturn. Your objective is to go through levels and beat the hell out of your enemies to progress to the next stage. Most of the objects on the screen can be used against your enemies, like mops, plants, pots and pans, and much, much more. There are three selectable characters, each have their own combos and moves. None of them really have any advantages or disadvantages over one another. At certain points of the game, there will be an action scene and you will have to press the button that quickly appears and disappears on the screen to succeed. For example, the cut scene starts and your character is running down the hallway. As you approach an enemy the B button appears in the middle of the screen. You press the B button just in time, which makes your character punch the enemy down while running by, therefor allowing you to progress to the next area avoiding confrontation with that enemy. If you were to press the wrong button or press it too late, you would have gotten knocked down by the enemy and had to fight a whole group of them before going to the next area.

Two players is an option in this game, and is the heart of this game. Working together with a partner to kill the enemies, and especially bosses, is extremely fun. When I played the game through single player, it took me a little over an hour to finish. With two players, about 45 minutes. This game is very short, no doubt the shortest game currently on the Dreamcast.

The graphics are very good, though the characters are a tad bit blocky. You fight in all kinds on environments of the cruise ship such as bedrooms and kitchens. The sound is fine with me, standard beat-em up music and sound effects I guess. Dynamite Cop doesn't have an exact release date, but is sure to be released Q1 2000. Me and my friend are really looking forward to this game, being huge fans of the first game and all, Its just plain fun to beat the hell out of people. Don't you agree?

Preview by: Sean L.