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Release Date:  

Late 1999 - Europe




3-D Shooter

After the nearly complete action 3-D shooter Incoming, Rage will convert another title for the Dreamcast named "Expendable" a commando-type game.


For about 500 years before the gameplay begins in the 25th century, humans were colonising other planets and moons, "terraforming" them into hospitable environments. They went farther and farther into space, with the more distant worlds becoming industrial powerhouses managed by robots, with only a small human presence. Meanwhile, from the edges of the known galaxy, an alien terror begins to rampage through the colonised areas, destroying everything in its path and getting ever closer to Earth.

Your mission is "to eradicate the hundreds of unknown life-forms that have remorselessly destroyed, killed or eaten the population," after which you are to secure every other vanquished planet until you get to the source of the aliens on their own Homeworld. To accomplish this objective you command space marines in their battle against the alien hordes.

Gameplay Info

You play a space marine who is dropped in to a series of unfamiliar alien worlds to fight for the survival of your race is a huge array of primary and secondary weapons systems, including napalm, flame throwers, shard weapons, lasers, and grenades at your disposal.

The ability of the game engine to freely mix outdoor and indoor environments (such as tunnels, underground bases, ruined cities etc.) creates a beautiful world for the player to explore- and destroy! Expendable has a two-player co-operative game with both players together on one screen and it will make use of the Dreamcast Network abilities for online gaming over the internet on specially-designed deathmatch levels.


The levels of Expendable are set between Earth and the alien Homeworld. These environments involve the ancient ruins of long forgotten starfaring civilisations, arid deserts and sandy beaches, filthy industrial complexes belching smoke, communications outposts, destroyed colonies, alien breeding tanks, prison planets, and even a beautiful forest world. The gameplay moves seamlessly between indoor and outdoor environments.

There are 6 major systems, each of them are centring around a major planet. There are more than 3 satellite planets in the game.

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Preview by: Ryoni Schouten