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Release Date: 

Second Quarter '2000





Update: 30th of May 2000:

In development for almost two years by Bizarre Entertainment, Fur Fighters is closing in on completion. The lastest demo will appear on the July 2000 issue of the Official Dreamcast Magazine. For those fortunate enough to attend E3, they had the opportunity to get the demo early. Naturally we snagged a copy.

The storyline goes something like this: Many years ago the Evil General Viggo, a huge white cat, invaded the quaint and peaceful Fur Fighter Village. The local animals fought and defeated the General. The Fur Fighters thought they had seen the last of the nasty cat, until one day, six Fur Fighters found their families had been kidnapped while they were out on a night in the town. The game begins as you will take control of the six characters on their quest to find their families. The Fur Fighters must battle their way through Viggo's army and solve wacky puzzles to save their babies, rescue their kin and re-capture the planet from Viggo.

The game allows players to take control of six zany gun-toting Fur Fighters. Each Fur Fighter has a unique and easily recognizable skill, which he or she can use to gain access to areas that the other Fur Fighters cannot reach. To complete the game, players must learn to use each of the Fur Fighter's special skills at just the right moment. The game's huge scope of puzzles are packed with sarcastic humor, and range from simple switches to more complex multi-phase challenges that actually require thought on your part, exploration and action.

Thus far the game looks and plays equally well. The character designs are very cute yet devilish at the same time. The game has 6 main areas that are sub-divided to make over 40 levels. The enviornments range from mountainous areas to outer space locales. Cinematic cut scenes tell an epic tale in a humourous manner. There are over 20 weapons at the disposal of the Fur Fighters. The demo allows you to try a couple of these weapons and let's just say they are brilliant. The Dreamcast's superior lighting effects are utilized quite well in the game. The game itself moves along at a steady pace, so you will never be bored. The control of the characters will take a bit of getting used to but is second nature after approximately 30 minutes of play. Those familiar with the Turok series on the N64 or MDK2 on the DC will be right at home. To navigate the character you must use the X,A,B,Y buttons to move, the triggers to jump and fire weapons, the analog to look around, and the digital to change weapons.

Early indications suggest that Acclaim will have a massive hit on their hands. In addition to 40+ levels, the finished game will also feature four player "Fluffmatch" competition. We will have a full review of the game shortly after release later this Spring.

Update January 4th, 2000.

Bizarre Creations, developers of the famous Formula 1 series and Metropolis Street Racer is currently working on a wacky and original action shooter called Fur Fighters to be published by Acclaim for both the Dreamcast and PC.

Furballs is targeted for a wide public, it's meant to appeal to the South Park audience.


The Furballs are part of a commando unit who fought a war against the evil general Viggo, a large white cat who wants to take over the world. After Vigga has been defeated and banished by the Furballs he's back in action and wants his revenge, another try for global domination.

Now General Viggo has returned, and with the mighty resources of Viggo Industries behind him, is once again planning conquest. In order to stop the furballs getting in his way again, he has made his army of stupid bears kidnap the hero’s families. ‘Furballs’ is the brave,cunning and almost co-ordinated rescue attempt by the six furry little warriors - Roofus, Juliette, Bungalow, Rico, Chang and Tweek and their semi-functional teleport device, on their quest to find their families and defeat General Viggo for good!

Game Info

The game's goal is to rescue babies and collect tokens to get permission for entering the next stage after beating the boss.

Furballs will feature 18 stages, such as New Quack City, a New York-themed area with endless bird-related puns, plus a huge dam construction site run by industrious beavers with endless puns on. The game uses a hub-based structure, taking the Furballs' home village as its central location. From the home town, game characters can enter the levels of the game.

Except the main game mode, there are several other modes such as:

Time Attack: Records your fastest time around a particular level, while the silver token challenge opens after you've found all 100 tokens within a level. The tokens will turn into silver now and you must go back into the level and collect them all as soon as possible to get better grades.

Multiplayer Mode: Your able to select 6 different characters, each Furball has a unique and easily recognisable skill, which he or she can use to gain access to areas that the other Furballs cannot reach. For example, Bungalow can leap higher than the other characters to reach inaccessible ledges. In order to change character, the player must find one of the many ‘Furballs Teleporters’ in the level. Their are various multiplayer modes including a Turok a like 4 player split-screen deathmatch mode. The PC version will have an online gaming mode.

Fur Fighters is currently scheduled for a release in the second quarter of 2000 for both the PC and Dreamcast.

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