Godzilla Generations







Release Date:  

27/11/1998 - Japan




3D Action

Godzilla Generations is the first real-time 3D Godzilla game exclusively for the Sega Dreamcast!

Godzilla Generations is the first game Sega has revealed for the Dreamcast. Godzilla Generations will not be based on the American Movie. Godzilla Generations will be based on the older Japanese Godzilla movies. All the buildings in Godzilla Generations are based on real life models. Maybe there is a real life model of the Sega of Japan HQ building you will be able to destroy!.

Gameplay Info:

I assume that in the 1-player mode you must destroy everything in sight. You can destroy buildings with Godzilla's fiery breath, his big tail and other manoeuvres. When you destroy a building the building breaks apart and falls to the ground. In the 2-player mode gamers can battle in the various Japanese cities in which Godzilla has previously done battle. In Godzilla Generation there will be many older Godzilla enemies and characters included.


Godzilla's graphics are all in real-time 3D running in a high-resolution mode. Godzilla uses 50% of the power of the Dreamcast. Godzilla's skin is nicely textured, and it appears to use bump mapping to achieve the nicely textured look. The buildings are beautifully detailed in Godzilla Generations. Godzilla Generations has lot's of animation, you can see cars and buses travelling past his huge legs, and debris begins falling.


The theme of the game is 'destruction'. A very simple concept, but is there more to it?? Read on. As Godzilla you must move your way through Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka and destroy the buildings along the way. This will be the first Dreamcast game which really shows off the 'native polygon' capabilities of the Dreamcast. The crumbling buildings are very realistic which adds to the exhilaration of destruction.

The Godzilla in this game resembles the Japanese Godzilla and not the recent Americanised impression. After the American movie was give poor reviews by Japanese audiences, Sega felt it would be best to use the original design. Therefore, Godzilla rampages through and mercilessly demolishes the main cities in Japan. Each city has been incredibly reproduced and represents one stage. In each stage there is a destruction percentage target which must be cleared within the allotted time limit to advance to the next stage. Everything from the way Godzilla moves to its thunderous footsteps and roar are the same as the movies. Even the background music has been recreated to make the player feel part of a movie. In addition you will have a high level of freedom to roam wherever you want and destroy everything in sight.

There are three parameters to be aware of while playing. 1) LIFE - Each time you attack or charge at something, you lose some of your life-energy. You will also lose some of your life energy when you are attacked by your enemies. If this parameter reaches 0, the game will be over. Therefore, you must use your energy wisely. 2) DESTRUCTION PERCENTAGE - This is the most important parameter of the game. This gauge, which is based on one hundred, will display the percentage of the objects destroyed. Destroying the buildings requires some thinking because there may be times when it will not be counted unless it is destroyed completely. If you are able to successfully reach the targeted percentage, you will be able to advance to the next level. If you manage to attain total destruction (100%) you will be treated to a special surprise. 3) TIME LIMIT - There will be a set time limit to attain the required destruction percentage. Therefore, if you walk and destroy things little by little, you will lose a lot of time and energy. You must charge and use your radioactive breath to destroy things more quickly. It is important to balance the LIFE and TIME parameters as much as possible.

There will be a variety of attacks at your disposal. You can use your tail, your radioactive breath, and charge into things. By using your tail to topple buildings over at their bases and blasting them with your radioactive breath when your dorsal fins light up, it is possible to wipeout a large portion of the city in one sweep. If you are willing to sacrifice some of your LIFE, you can charge into buildings and turn them into a pile of rubble. Furthermore, you can crush buildings into dust by sweeping them into the air with your tail and either smashing into them with your body or blasting them with your radioactive breath. You can put on a grand performance by using a variety of combinations.

As Godzilla rampages through the cities, human beings are fighting for their lives. There are various organisations which have been doing a lot of research on Godzilla. These include names like the G-Countermeasure Centre and the G-Summit. There is also a military organisation whose main purpose is to stop Godzilla: the G-Force. The G-Force is under the jurisdiction of the United Nations, but they secretly work with the Japanese Self-Defence Forces to fight Godzilla. This group represents the enemy. The G-Force uses weapons designed by the Japanese Self Defence Forces. They have 'Super X III' fighter jets which are armed with super cold laser guns (-200 degrees), and cadmium bullets which can neutralise a nuclear reactor. Tanks include a model known as 'Twin Me-Sa-' which are armed with twin ray guns.

Preview by: Ryoni Schouten
Contributed by: Brad Douglas and Mike Weatherup

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