Stupid Invaders




Ubi Soft



Release Date: 

September, 2000





One of the more interesting titles to come out of E3 2000 is a little gem from Ubi Soft and XLIAM called Stupid Invaders. Stupid Invaders is described as a zany, 3D adventure game inspired by the animated series Space Goofs.

Five strange aliens, one tiny space ship and a whole lot of trouble. After accidentally crash landing on Earth, Etno and his alien friends unwind from their latest misfortune. It is not too long before the five hapless aliens find themselves on the run from an evil scientist, Dr. Sakarine, who collects aliens as a hobby. However, this evil professor and his hired henchman, Bolok, have plans for Etno and his friends, which includes a comprehensive study of alien physiology. The aliens will have to do their best to find crazy solutions and escape the clutches, and scalpels of the madman.

This cartoon-like universe is brought to life with amazing 3D animations and colourful backgrounds, as the aliens evade their pursuers in this madcap world. Highly stylized with a high resolution look, Stupid Invaders is graphically impressive and movie-like in quality. The player will have the ability to embody each one of the aliens to host a variety of sensations.

Absurd humor, twisted enigmas and strange situations taunt and challenge players as they are lead through mazes of adventures. The game promises to house over 120 locations and more than 50 interactive characters to meet. Stupid Invaders will also feature witty dialogue and a comical cast of characters are assured to have gamers laughing in hysterics.

Thus far, it looks as if Ubi Soft and Xilam have a potential blockbuster on their hands. If the gameplay can match the visuals and story, Stupid Invaders will become yet another gem in Dreamcast's crown. Check back closer to the release for initial hands on impressions. Until then, feast your eyes on the screen shots and exclusive movie.

Preview by: Micheal Weatherup

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