Release Date:  

27/11/1998 - Japan




Horror Adventure

The initial software lineup for the Dreamcast would seem to indicate a solid launch for Sega's mega console. While there are the expected arcade translations, we are also starting to see possible groundbreaking titles and conceptions. While, Nintendo promised software that we had never seen before, they have simply not been able to show enough to warrant this claim. Sega on the other hand may indeed validate Nintendo's original claim. Seventh Cross by NEC is a groundbreaking possibility, and most recently the announcement of JULY by Sega and Forty-Five could take gaming to new heights.

The game is based on Nostradamus' prediction that the human race will be wiped out in July 1999. This 'end of the century' becomes the stage for the new adventure game "July" on the Dreamcast. Just for the fact that the end of the century is only one year away, the story could become an extremely real reality with a touch of science-fiction. Players may be able to have a thrilling cyber experience as they take one step forward into what could be their own future.


It's July 1999, the end of the century, on the planet Earth. A mysterious transformation takes place among the human race, and mutated human beings are born. These people have 'sexless bodies' with no reproduction functions. Instead they have a special trait that prevents them from ageing and dying. The story centres around a man, who is one of the mutants, named Gene Raven. Gene's father repeatedly conducts clinical tests on him in order to find the cause of the mutation. The tests eventually become unbearable and Gene kills his father. Gene and the rest of the 'sexless bodies' believe that they are superior to 'normal human beings', and decide to create a world of their own. They construct a plan to capture the remaining 'sexless bodies' and eliminate the human race. Gene's good friend, named Yoshua, takes the blame for Gene's crime. The friendship turns to hate and Yoshua swears to get revenge on Gene.

In another side story, Makoto Takamura, a young University student, gets caught up in a bus explosion caused by terrorists, in England. His younger sister dies in the explosion, his mother is turned to a vegetable, and his father, who is a well renown scientist is abducted by an unknown organisation. The game moves along according to the actions of the two main characters. Can Yoshua get his revenge on Gene? What kind of hard times will Makoto experience at the end of the century? At the end of the century people have become desolate because of famine, terrorism, and chaos. And then you, the player, arrive. How will it all end??

The story, as seen through the eyes of the two main characters Makoto Takamura and Yoshua, takes place over an 18 day period from July 7th to July 24th, 1999. This game utilises a zapping system (similar to Resident Evil 2 for PSX) which gives the player a high level of freedom and replay value. There are 150 characters who each have their own profile. Some of these characters may or may not interact with you depending on what direction or action you take in the game. The motif of the game changes according to your actions. You might have to look for someone, survive, seek revenge, or help the human race.

Primary Characters

Makoto Takamura - He is one of the main characters in the game. He is a 19 year old freshman majoring in literature at Seikai University. He has a third degree black belt in karate. He receives poor grades in school. He is a handsome and dashing young man on the outside, but he is a real comedian on the inside. He is an atypical university student for this day and age because he does not have any knowledge about computers or word processors.

Yoshua - He is a 29 year old man. He was kidnapped at an early age, by a mysterious organisation known as NAX, because of his unique constitution. He has experienced days and days of dark and gloomy clinical testing at the hands of NAX. He was friends with Gene Raven for a short time. But Gene betrayed him so now he seeks revenge on Gene and 6 of his followers. Thanks to the special ability he obtained by being one of the 'sexless bodies', he is immune to pain and he can easily handle one or two enemies by himself.

Megumi Takamura - She is Makoto's younger sister. She had an unusual melanin deficiency disease, which made her weak and affected her appearance. She was always made fun because of this deformed physical appearance. Makoto protected her which cheered her up some, but she really began to gain confidence gradually when Eriko Satomi began to protect her. Unfortunately, she died 6 years ago on a family trip to England, at the age of ten, when she got caught in a bus explosion caused by terrorists.

Eriko Satomi - She is a 16 year old second year student at Kaika High School. She is a good friend of Makoto's, and Megumi Takamura's childhood friend. She belongs to the computer club and the karate club. She is a first degree black belt in karate. She was the strongest girl in her neighbourhood because her father taught her karate at his dojo (karate hall). At present she is devoted to computers and not karate. She is also one of Makoto's supporters.

Gene Raven - The 37 year old president of NAX. He is the chief of the Raven family trust, and the driving force behind the NAX Group. He is single and has a lot of enemies due to the nature of his business. Information about him is scarce because everything about him is carefully controlled. It is impossible to predict his motives or what he will do next. Many people have attempted to get photos of him in action, but most of them are either dead or missing.

Patti Amati - An 8 year old girl who is starving for her parents' love. She is very intelligent and therefore is sometimes able to embrace adults with her wit. She pretends to be strong because she does not want people to know that she is terrified of being alone. She meets Yoshua and ends up joining him. She sympathises with him because she is also a 'sexless body'. She possesses a unique ability which allows her to easily find 'sexless bodies'.

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Preview by: Ryoni Schouten
Contributed to by: Douglas Abe Jr. and Mike Weatherup