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3D Action / Adventure / Puzzle

The Messiah is Shiny's newest 3D game for the PC and Sega Dreamcast. Messiah is A 1-player third-person-perspective, genre-defying title, The Messiah is described as an action/adventure/puzzle game, meaning there will be puzzles to solve and enemies to kill, and nerves of steel are required to play.

Messiah is being developed with the Saxsengine, a 3D engine, which Shiny promises will be way ahead of any other 3D engine to date. Shiny is also working to include real-time tessellation and deformation of characters.

"The character models each have in the neighbourhood of 80,000 to 120,000 polygons. The engine scales them back to provide the optimum frame rate for the user's every character an incredibly high level of detail at any distance," notes Herrington.

The Sega Dreamcast will have the perfect hardware for The Messiah because the Sega Dreamcast will have the Second-Generation Power VR Chips from NEC.


It has been foretold that the end of the world will come with the breaking of the seven seals. These seals keep the powers of heaven and hell from direct contact with Earth, and protect human self determination. It is told that when each of the seven seals is broken a new power will be loosed upon the earth, and cleanse it of the wicked. It isn't time for the world to end, but it looks like it might happen anyway.

The seven seals of the apocalypse are hidden, safeguarded until the Day of Reckoning. As long as these seven seals are unbroken, the forces of heaven and hell cannot complete their final battle as the prophets predicted.

Because the seals remain intact, the true forces of Heaven and Hell cannot touch the Earth directly. The powers of Hell have started their preparations and have secretly sent an emissary to Earth to begin the final battle. By starting the apocalypse early, they hope to sway the balance of power in their favour and win the battle before the forces of Heaven can even react. Nobody ever accused the devil of playing fairly.

Through their elaborate network of spies and informants, the powers of Heaven learn of this diabolical plan and send their own warrior to stop this diabolical plan. The Angels raise all their might and create on Earth, through an experimental biological lab, a vessel for the holy light.

Their result is Bob, whose purpose is to find the seven seals so they may be broken at the proper time for the final battle to begin. Bob also must confront and destroy the first footsoldier of Hell to maintain the balance on Earth until The Day of Reckoning. The battlefield has been chosen, the champions in place. The end of the world is nearer than you think.

Game Facts:

  • The first game ever to use the new highly anticipated patented RT-DAT technology-"Real-time Deformation and Tessellation" make the world and characters look scarily REAL.

  • Characters have real skin that stretches over their bones, (Not flat like all other games).

  • The game is truly scalable - It looks great on today's PC hardware but as technology improves, Messiah is the firs game that will automatically keep up!

  • Amazing atmospheric volumetric lighting. Watch the shadows slowly engulf your character!

  • Real time shadows and lights on characters and environments give instant spatial awareness.

  • Play as a Cherub who can possess and then control over 20 different characters.

  • Motion capture animation includes the first ever motion captured dwarf.

  • Throw a knife or shoot a bow at somebody and the weapons remain sticking out of their body as they fight for their lives.

  • Contains decapitations and amputations.

  • Featuring music by the hit band "Fear Factory".

  • Highest texture resolution ever obtained in a real time 3D environment. The worlds are stunningly detailed.
A game for mature audiences.

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Preview by: Ryoni Schouten