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Ubi Soft


1-4 and online gaming

Release Date:  

Late 1999 - Japan




3D Racing

Pod 2 is Ubi Soft's fourth game that will come out for the Sega Dreamcast.


Io: Two years later...
The planet Io had been quarantined ever since the devastating mutations caused by Pod two years ago but now a spark of activity has started in the lifeless planet's orbit. A military craft armed with probes inspects what has now acquired the appearance of a massive flower. According to an unofficial source, a new phase in Pod's evolution is about to begin. A small reporter vessel that managed to bypass the military shield happens to enter the danger zone the minute Pod decides to awaken. The corolla's central surface suddenly becomes unstable, unleashing a gigantic flow of particles resembling spores.

Successfully escaping this hellish environment, with its side panels covered with spores, the small vessel attempts to return to its home base, the satellite Titan. Titan- Saturn's Satellite- Context Colonised by the human race, Titan's organisation seriously needs modification in order to protect itself against any unpredictable resurgence of the devastating virus. A magnetic shield controlled from many remote federal stations in the star's orbit was installed. A community exists, on the outskirts of the planet's "Titanese" infrastructure : Neo Io. Entirely composed of Io refugees, the community is led by a living legend : the winner of the Ionien competition; the ultimate survivor of the disaster. Upon his arrival on Titan, the authorities silenced him before he escaped on board his souped-up car and taking refuge among the forsaken ones. One principle dominates the society he has established : the speed cult. The Neo Io members associate Pod to a salvational evil reserved for undevouts reticent to their doctrine :

"From Celerity comes Salvation". According to rumors, the leader holds vital information on a way to defeat and tame Pod.

Titan's orbit : Two hours after Io's Irruption
Badly damaged by the spores, the vessel violently crashes against one of Titan's stations and provokes serious alterations to its protection system. In other words, strategic defence has never been so important. Meanwhile, Io continues to discharge a continuous flow of spores. The spores are increasing in strength and threaten to destroy the solar system making it increasingly important to remedy the situation. Negotiations are taking place with the leader of Neo Io who sees this situation as a way to put the entire planet under his command. The leader proposes a challenge, a contest, divided among Titan's different regions which will reward the winner with the honour to "run" against the leader.

The disclosure of Pod's secrets will depend on this ultimate race...

Game Info

Pod 2 will have totally different tracks than the first game. The new tracks will have interactive elements and different climates. You can collect more than ten different weapons + special items in the racing courses. Pod 2 will make use of the Network Abilities of the Dreamcast for online gaming on the Internet.

There will be 8 modes of gameplay to choose from in Pod 2. Pod 2 will have 4 different types of vehicles to choose from. Pod 2 will run at Dreamcast standard 60 frames a second in High Resolution mode.

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Preview by: Ryoni Schouten