Release Date: 

Q4 1999





Re-volt will be another title to add the DCís ever-growing list of racers. But this isnít your everyday Sega Rally 2 or Tokyo Extreme Racer, Re-volt is a racer based on those fun remote-control cars that would eat up our batteries in no more than 45 minutes, leaving us wanting more but having to wait another 5 hours to recharge. Ah, seeing this game reminds me of my 13th birthday. I remember getting that new Scorcher with 6 wheels, I had a lot of fun with that. Oh, sorry, back to the subject.

This game has already been released on the PSX and N64, but trust me, if youíve played it on one of those systems, donít think it will be that bad on Dreamcast. Expect smoother graphics, higher framerates, and more options. The tracks are extremely creative and well detailed. You race through all kinds of real life environments like the neighborhood and through the house.

These arenít ordinary RC racers though, as you may have expected. These models are equipped with all the low-tech weaponry youíll need to bump your competitors off the road or make them spin out. Weapons such as water balloons, fireworks, and oil spills.

There is no specific release date for Re-volt, but reports say itís likely to hit the shelves by the end of the year.

Preview by: Sean L.