Sonic Adventure


Sonic Team





Release Date: 

23/12/1998 - Japan




3D Adventure / Platform

Sonic Adventure is Sonic Team's long awaited 3D Sonic adventure / platform game for the Sega Dreamcast.


Dr Robotnik is back once again. This time, heís been busy in South America, unearthing a deadly, primal force known simply as Chaos. This elemental force is responsible for drowning an entire city, wreaking terrible destruction in its wake. There was a strange monster image packed with the first Sonic Adventure pics on the net. I thought it was a screenshot of Sega's Godzilla game, but it wasn't it was a screenshot of a big enemy of Sonic named "Chaos" in Sonic Adventure. Robotnik feeds him with crystals to boost his power. Now itís time for Sonic to step into the fray to defeat Chaos, his minions and of course, Dr Robotnik himself.


There are 6 playable characters in Sonic Adventure. In addition to Knuckles, Tails and Sonic, Sonic Team have included Amy Rose (Sonic's girlfriend who first appeared in Sonic CD) and two new characters named "Big" and the golden robotic "E-102". Each character of the game has six acts to complete, Sonic concentrates on speed, Amy on running away from danger, Tails flies and Knuckles glides. Each character will have some new special moves never seen before! All the 6 acts are interrelated. When you are playing with Sonic you can suddenly be attacked by Knuckles. Later in the game, when you play as Knuckles, you enter the same situation. All the characters will have their own unique endings.


All the original Sonic games were set on Sonic's home world of Mobius. Sonic Adventures will be set on the planet Earth. This are the stages/worlds of Sonic Adventure:

Ice Cap - this is a very cool level set on big mountains with avalanches where sonic must snowboard.

Red Mountain - A Desert stage with some mine-zones.

Lost World - A mysterious jungle, set below a towering mountain.

Lava World - A couple of screenshots show Sonic leaping the Ash islands floating on molten streams.

Ice - The level inspired by Sonic Team's expedition to Mexico (The Sonic Team has visited the the same places as me when I was on Holidays in Mexico this Summer). Many buildings in this stage are based on the real buildings Sonic Team has visited. There are mane big trap-littered temples to explore in this stage.

Speed Highway - This stage has one of the best graphics in the game. A classic speed highway though an amazing detailed Neon city. There is lot's of traffic in Neon city and there are many big skyscrapers.

A Stage where you must fly with he classic bi-plane from Sonic 2 - This flying stage is one of the key sub-levels. In this stage Sonic and Tails will return to their bi-plane from Sonic 2 and Sonic and Tails will engage in some Space Harrier-style shoot 'em up action.


Sonic Adventure has amazing graphics that you can easily compare with the Model 3 boards. Sonic Adventure is running in high resolution (640 x 480) at an incredible 60 frames a sec! The 3D Worlds of Sonic Adventure are amazing detailed. At the screenshot left you can see the amazing texture quality of the rocks. Sonic Adventure has some amazing special and lighting effects never seen before.

The characters and Enemy's of Sonic Adventures are made of thousands of polygons. Sonic Adventure has a excellent camera system which guides you in the proper direction. I can't believe that Sonic Adventure is a first generation Dreamcast games with those beautiful graphics. Sonic Adventure probable uses 60% of the full Dreamcast power. Yuji Naka said that you can't convert Sonic Adventure to the PC, only Dreamcast can handle Sonic Adventure!

General Game Info:

Each character of Sonic Adventure will have new moves never seen before. The game has some RPG elements in it. There are 6 mini-games in Sonic Adventures. As example you must collect a number of rings in a specific time. Like Nights there is a A-life system in Sonic Adventures. Inhabitants in the game become your friends or enemies depending on what you do, but you can even build relationships with them when you're on the road... With the VMS you can give DNA to the inhabitants.

After you finished the game you can still replay it. I don't know what exactly you can do after you finished the game, but I think it should be something special.

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Preview by: Ryoni Schouten