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Early Fall





Interplay was kind of enough to grace us with some new information, screen shots and two movies of their upcoming action-driving game Super Runabout San Francisco Edition.

In Super Runabout, players are allowed to roam the streets of San Francisco causing mahem and havoc at every corner. You will be able to take control of a number of neat vehicles including a Hummer. Crash through anything in your way as you perform high intensity missions ranging from bomb pickup and disposal to destroying a runaway cable car. Unlock new cars and map areas by completing missions and other special tasks. You will be able to plow through anything that gets in your way.

Here are the main features:

- Drive anywhere!! Super Runabout allows players to drive virtually anywhere throughout a fully detailed model of San Francisco.

- Over 25 destruction inducive vehicles. Plow through obstacles in tanks, fly over hills on the motorcycle or keep it low and fast in the Formula 1 racer. Every vehicles has unique handling characteristics and may be better for particular missions.

- 16 intense missions. The variety of missions and scenarios will keep things fresh and alive. Pick up bombs, race down the coast or play as the cops and bust some thugs.

- Rack up the CASH in Destruction. Everything you manage to destroy increases your money take. Crash into trolley cars, take out mailboxes, drive through hotel lobbies and take out delivery trucks.

- Feast your eyes on these screens and then download the movies as they are incredible. The first video is reminiscent of the car chase scene in The Rock.

We will update each week with the latest news and media on this hot prospect.
Preview by: Micheal Weatherup

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