Tony Hawk's Pro Skater







Release Date: 

May '2000





After conversions to N64 and Gameboy, Tony Hawk, one of last year's finest and best selling Playstation games finally makes the transition to Dreamcast. Boy what a transition this is.

Thanks to Dreamcast's advanced processing power Tony has never looked so good. While the meat of the graphics and gameplay have remained true to the original, major overhauls have been made to polish up the final product. Hawk now runs in high resolution at a silky 60 frames per second. Major details like advanced lighting and realistic shadows have been incorporated to give the graphics a more overall realistic look. The camera also appears to be more intuitive. Tony Hawk himself has been beefed up with more polygons and you can now tell he is wearing cargo pants.

The most obvious concern with the game was if the developers would be able to carry over the fantastic easy to use controls to the DC. Good news, the game's controls are as sweet on Dreamcast as they were on Playstation.

The demo we have only allows for the use of one skater in one park, but what I have seen so far is outstanding. Treyarch has done a fine job in converting what was already a great game into a spectacular one on the Dreamcast. Put this title on your Must-Have-List, it will make a great addition to your game library. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is due to hit store shelves by the end of the week.
Preview by: Mark Sciberras

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