Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle







Release Date: 

28/11/1998 - Japan




3D Fighting

Virtua Fighter 3 was announced for Sega Saturn a while back and the release date seems to be always not available. Many people wonder if Virtua Fighter 3 for Saturn would be arcade perfect with many polygons and complex effect. With the release date never seems to be available, people soon jumps to a conclusion that an arcade perfect port would not be possible for Saturn. Sega view the same conclusion as a Saturn port of Virtua Fighter 3 will not be arcade perfect and decided to switch the port from Saturn to their new next generation console, the Dreamcast.

Virtua Fighter 3 took a major step form Virtua Fighter 2 by adding tons of new game play and elements into the game. New to VF2’s punch, kick and guard buttons is a new escape button. To be as realistic as possible, the escape button allow players to perform awesome maneuvers from opponent’s attacks. Another new feature is the terrain effect. The backgrounds are now multi-heights, which adds a new realism to the game play. Players can take advantage of the multi-heights to perform juggling combos with a few extra hits depending on the heights.

In addition to the 10 characters from Virtua Fighter 2 (11 if you include Dural), two new characters are added to add excitement to the game. Aoi Umenokojo is a Japanese dancer and she’s amongst one of the fastest character in the game. Her fighting style is very defensive but can counter almost any moves making her a favorable character for beginners. The second character is a Japanese sumo wrestler Taka Arashi. This heavy sumo wrestler is slow and takes some mastering to control him well.

The graphics are breathtaking. Running on Dreamcast’s high-res mode at 60 fps without any slow down is a treat to the eye. Everything you see in the arcade is here in the Dreamcast version from the character’s hair blowing with the wind to the train passing by at the subway station. Although a number of polygons are missing from each character and background, this is a small lost due to the fact of the responsive control and realistic characters of the game.

Virtua Fighter 3 for Dreamcast is indeed a reason to own a Dreamcast. It might not be true arcade perfect but as far as the visual and control goes, it’s Dreamcast quality. It is also rumor that VF3 will feature a CG introduction as well as endings (ala Tekken) as well as a demo of the upcoming Virtua Fighter RPG. This game might just be what Sega needs to become number one at gaming industry.

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Preview by: Vincent