Sega Rally 2 PC






1-2 and modem multi-player gaming

Release Date:  

Winter 98





Sega Rally 2 PC will feature a Ten Season Championship mode with 40 courses. The pc version of Sega Rally 2 will have the original courses of the Sega Rally 2 arcade but, it will also have the 4 original Sega Rally courses! It's not confirmed that those stages will appear as the Model 2 originals, or be given a new look to take full advantage of the PC hardware. It means that you're getting both Sega Rally games on just one disc!
Sega Rally 2 PC will feature 15 cars, you can tune the cars via a extensive car tuning option. The PC version of Sega Rally 2 will feature variable weather effects, smog, night, day etc... Sega Rally 2 will support online gaming and 2 player split-screen.

As you can see from the screenshots Sega Rally 2 looks pretty amazing on the pc but, the Dreamcast version of Sega Rally 2 will look far, far superior! Sega Rally 2 PC will take full full advantage of the Voodoo 2 and PowerVR graphics cards. Sega Rally 2 is going to be one of the best Rally Racing games for the pc!

Sega Rally 2 is set for release in the winter of 98.

Preview by: Ryoni Schouten