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Arcade Football

Lets start this review with a little game of family feud. Top answer on the board, when you hear the work Y2K what do you think of? CHAOS!!! Survey says NUMBER ONE! Now when you hear NFL what do you think of? ACTION!!! Survey says BINGO! So put the two together and add the word Blitz and what do you get? Action, Blitz, Chaos. That's about how to describe NFL Blitz 2000 in 3 words.

Since I haven't played B2K for Dreamcast yet, I'll just base my review on the 99 version in the arcade. You take the role of quarterback, receiver, and coach in this fast paced game of football. The Blitz series has always been one of my favorites because of the fast paced action. Traditional football games aren't as fun to play as Blitz. If you're looking for simulation, look somewhere else. Blitz is all about having fun.

The rules are "bent" to allow faster gameplay. Instead of 11 players, there is 7. Instead of 10 yard 1st downs, they are 30, forcing you to pass more often. (gameplay hint: if you run once in a while, you'll get more yardage) The defense is probably better than the offense, so its harder to score.

Blitz 99 and Blitz 2k are both leaps and bounds above the original. The basic gameplay is the same, but there are better additions. You can get "on Fire" similar to NBA jam. This allows you to throw farther and faster. Also, the quiz at the end of a game is a brilliant idea. If you get the quiz right, you can increase your points, and make certain players better. Its great.

Overall, Blitz 2k is a great game for anyone who likes sports. Even if you don't like normal football games, such as *cough cough* the madden series, you'll love blitz. The way that midway has done football makes me love it. Its a whole lot easier to play than simulation games. I give blitz a 9.0 out of ten.

Review By: Randy Bennet