The Lost World: Jurassic Park







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Model 3 Board: Step 2



The Jurassic Park game that's based on the speedy, expensive, Model 3 Step 2 board is at your local arcade as we speak. In this first-person shooter, you are armed with a shotgun as you try to kill dinosaurs while looking for your friends. You can play 1 player or 2 players co-op.

Graphics: I thought that the graphics in this game were very impressive. The textures were smooth and detailed, and the game ran at an impressive 60 frames per second. The dinosaurs in this game looked extremely real. They actually looked like they had scales and stuff. The lighting was awesome. They successfully made the lights realistic while at the same time keeping it bright enough to see the enemies.

Sound: The sound in this game was cool. I especially liked how the dinosaurs roared, it sounded very real. That combined with the impressive gunshots made for a stunning sound experience. I was so immersed in the game that I didn't really pay much attention to the music, so I couldn't really tell you whether it was good or not, but when you are that involved in the game, it doesn't really matter.

Playability: This game was fairly playable. Even after I had beaten the game, I kept coming back to play it on the various difficulty levels. Unfortunately, the hard difficulty is actually easier than the easy difficulty setting, because instead of actually making the dinosaurs harder to kill, it only starts you at a later point in the game, meaning fewer levels for your money. Also, I had some problems with the light gun. After only a few levels into the game, my hand started to cramp up from the awkward shape of the gun.

Cabinet: The cabinet on the one that I played was really cool. It was like a big Jeep with a bench where 2 people could sit down and play the game on a massive screen. Unfortunately, I have also seen standard type cabinets at smaller arcades.









Review By: Tom McLaughlin