Marvel vs Capcom







Release Date: 

Spring 1998


CP-System II


2D Beat'em up

It seems at the moment that all Capcom produce is fighting game upon fighting game. Now, if Capcom were in the business of releasing crap beat-em-up's this might be a problem, nobody likes the games arena to become flooded with sub-standard material. It's just as well then that Capcom very rarely make anything other than superb games. Marvel Versus Capcom is certainly no exception to the rule. In fact, I personally feel that this is the single most accomplished 2D fighting game that has ever been made. I do not make this statement lightly, you understand. I don't sing a game's praises unless it truly deserves it. And believe me, MVC is more than worthy of all the attention that you can bestow upon it's mighty shoulders.

If you thought that the graphics in XSF and MSF were pretty much unbeatable, be prepared to think again. The visuals in this game are something else. Stunning, superb, magnificent. Take any superlative you want, they all fit the bill here. I would have thought it impossible for Capcom to push it's proven CP-system II arcade board any further than it had already travelled. I mean, just take a look at this game's predecessors. However, Capcom have once again come up with the goods and delivered an eye-candy feast of epic proportions.

Taking all the established Marvel and Streetfighter characters, and throwing a few of their own familiar faces into the fray, Capcom have surely taken the tag-team formula as far as it can possibly go. There are 15 selectable characters, ranging from Venom through to Strider. As with MVC's precursors, this game allows you to switch between players at will and additionally perform deliciously OTT combined supers which literally shake the screen in an explosion of colour and also knock your opponents socks off. No surprises then, but when the gameplay is this tweaked and refined, does anyone actually care? Thankfully, Capcom haven't decided to opt for yet another lazy upgrade to the series. MSF actually possessing the same backgrounds as it's younger brother. Instead, each and every character has their own background, ranging from Spiderman's cityscape roof-top to Venom's symbiote-infested planetoid. I'm sure that there will be complaints regarding the actual character's in the game, since when has there not been? To make up for this, Capcom have decided to include Special Partners. By simultaneously pressing MP and MK, players will witness one of over twenty characters strutting onto the screen to unleash eternal damnation upon your foe. The roster includes Magneto, Juggernaut, Anita and Felicia to name but a few. Some people found Apocalypse, the final boss in MSF and XSF, to be somewhat unchallenging, although he certainly looked nice enough. In MVC the final opponent to face you is none other than Onslaught, a very hard bad-guy from the Marvel Universe. This boy looks really cool, and is significantly harder to defeat than Apocalypse.

To my knowledge thus far, it is undecided as to whether this will appear on the Saturn, if it does it'll probably surface around Christmas time in Japan. I know for a fact that MSF is coming out around September in the Land of the Rising Sun and I for one will certainly be purchasing that little beauty. However, you need not fret, if it doesn't come out on Saturn it's a sure-fire cert to make an appearance on the eagerly awaited Dreamcast. This would be yet another reason, if one were needed, to boldly go forth and buy Sega's new machine. Let's face it, it's gonna be awesome!.









Review By: Michael West