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Model 2B



You've probably already heard about Top Skater, the arcade game that you play while you're standing on a skateboard. The game is created by AM3 and runs on a Model 2 arcade board (by the way, the cabinet was created by AM4). You can choose between eight characters. There are also some hidden characters, Alex is Ash's older brother (on the character select screen press the left-button three times, followed by the right-button three times, and finally press the left button thirteen times), the other secret character is P-nut, Cookie's older sister (on the course select screen, press and hold the start button and enter the character select screen. With the start button still held down, press the right-button six times, the left-button six times, the right-button three times, the left-button three times, the right-button four times. Finally release the start button). These are not the only secret options in Top Skater, you can also play as Top Skater kids!

Now more about the game. In this game you'll be able to perform great stunts. For these stunts you'll get points, so, the meaning of this game is not only to win a race but also to break records. Loops, jumps and more.

When you play this game for the first time it probably is difficult for you to control the skateboard (or skateboarding must be your hobby), but after lots of practises you'll be able to perform very good stunts, like some cool combos.

Normally you control a skateboard, but the two hidden characters named earlier in this review are using a surfboard.

In the game there's also a hidden course. If you played the standard courses don't think you know the game, because there are lots of secrets to discover.

Go and visit the arcades now because Top Skater is a game you must have played. Also watch the cool Coca Cola comercials in the game, it seems to be very popular to put comercials in games.

Review By: Remco

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