Blue Stinger


CG Studios


Sega Enterprises



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Japan / NTSC


Puru Puru Pack


Adventure / 3D Resident Evil Clone

This game after I played through the whole game it improved on what the should have been if the company spent more time with the play control. Well let me start of by saying the game is well planed with good graphics and and weapons it has tons of rooms with nice textures and enemies that look cool but the fault that I have with the game is DAMN CAMERA what the hell are you supposed to do when you try to fight a boss and the camera stays stuck on the wall and you can barely see the boss.why would they release a game with no camera control not even to center to character why would climax do that? . The games real good but the camera mess's every thing up also the characters move weird especially doggs he's to slow and gets worse when he damaged ....other then that the game good but it still need more work on the camera and the play control I am disappointed with climax the never makes games like this I hope when it released in the us they fix the problem resident evil killer its not also they should have inverse kinematics for the animation oh well ...Here are my ratings.

nice textures and Nicely designed worlds.

Nice gun sounds and cool music gets kinda respective not climax standards.

Plays like resident evil but the cameras horrible i mean BAD spoles the game.

Challenge 7.5
Its nice to play looking for all the weapons also the challenge is playing around the camera.

I know i will piss a lot of people of but I am telling the truth how can climax release an un finished game Its good but the camera needs to be fixed i would have rather them make me wait then to play an incomplete game. it could have made a name for its self....I also compared the rating with HOD 2 AND MARVEL VS CAPCOM WHICH WILL BE MY NEXT REVIEW WHICH I MIGHT ADD IS REAL GOOD! LATER

Review By: MasterGGC (

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