Speed Devils


Ubi Soft


Ubi Soft



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VMU, Jump Pack




Originally known as Speed Busters on the PC, Speed Devils has undergone a major facelift in all of its aspects. The end result is a very appealing and very fun racing game. Taking a cue from Beetle Racing on the N64, players are involved in an underground world of gambling, racing and some quirky characters. The goal is to make your way up from the D class in order to challenge and defeat the mysterious Driver X. Along the way you will gamble your way to win races and money. With the money you will upgrade your car, purchase new cars and slowly but surely make your way through the ranks.


Speed Devils in the class of Soul Calibur when it comes to visuals. This game is absolutely gorgeous. The cars are beautifully detailed whether it be the numerous paint jobs you can choose from or the detail to damage which occurs on six different points on the car. The game runs perfectly at 60 frames per second refresh rate. Speed Devils is also the first Dreamcast racing game without any draw-in or slow down. This holds true even in the two player split screen modes.

The most impressive graphical aspect is the lighting and reflection effects. No screen shot is able to capture the beauty of these effects. From the first time you pop in the game, you will start thinking of those Playstation 2 GT2000 demos. The courses themselves are well drawn and full of life. Each track can presented in morning, mid-day, night and rain. Each has its own unique feeling and presents numerous challenges.


Ubi Soft has done an admirable job with the sound effects and soundtrack on Speed Devils. Each of the cars are presented with their own unique engine sound. The crashes and scrapes are also well done. The soundtrack consists of super techno, drum and bass, and progressive house tracks. To top it all off ubi Soft has employed QSound to give everything that extra depth.

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