Marvel vs Capcom Reader




Capcom Enterprises



TV System: 

Japan / NTSC




2D Fighter

Marvel vs capcom is by far the best and most impressivefighting game on the DC. The graphics are arcade pixelperfect. The music is all can it be bad =).

The game doesn't have as many secret things as powerstone but it has a far amount of hidden characters. Italso has a fever mode where 4 players can play at once. The game is perfect to the arcade and with NO pick 4 characters in training mode..itblinks once and their on..its so fast. The game has noslow down even with so much crap on the screen andeverything moving at once...its amazing how good the DCdid he 2d graphics for this game.

And how can u go wrong with strider! i mean come on! Only person i would like to seeing their is boniccommando.

The overall game is a much buy! you MUST have thisgame if u are any kind of gamming fan!

Review By: Kevin Whitman