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"Wow a new 3D fighter from Capcom, Cool! I can't wait to try it out." Those were my exact thoughts when first hearing about Power Stone. I read all the import reviews I could find and got myself really hyped for it. Well, I've finally played the U.S version; did it live up to my expectations? Read below to find out.

Power Stone is Capcom's first foray into the free-movement 3D-fighting genre. You can move in any direction and can go anywhere you want in a stage. There is no blocking in this game, but you don't really need it since you can easily evade an enemy by jumping away in any direction. Stages are completely interactive, any object you see on the screen can be used against the enemy. Each stage is littered with objects such as boxes, benches, tables, and plenty more depending on what stage you're in. There is one feature that makes this game stand out from other fighting games, power stones. There are three power stones scattered throughout each stage. Once you get all three power stones, you transform into a super being. Each character transforms into something different, of course. Each person starts with a power stone, and the third eventually appears at a random section of the stage. Hitting a character with a weapon or performing a combo on them will make them drop the power stone they are carrying, they can drop two if the attack is strong enough. After you transform, you can perform all kind of super moves, you stay transformed for about 10 seconds, then go back to original form. There are also chests in the stages containing different kinds of weapons to destroy your enemy with including pipes, swords, guns, flame-throwers, and more. You simply walk up to the chest for it to open and a weapon appears. Characters in this game range from speedy girls to big bulky men. There are 8 characters to choose from, 10 overall after you complete certain objectives.

The graphics in this game are sweet! Characters are very colorful and highly detailed, albeit a little cartooonish. Stages look great, each looking totally unique from one another. While the stages are a bit small, there's still enough space to get around and do what's needed. The sound is your normal punch and kick sounds, they don't sound bad at all. My only gripe is the announcer, his voice is annoying and some words he says sound funny. The control is very simple, you can control with either the D-pad or the analog sticks, you punch, kick, throw, and jump. Simple enough. Combos are easy to pull off, just press however many buttons you can in a short time and you're sure to pull a combo.

So, you've heard the basics of Power Stone, sounds cool doesn't it? Sure it does, but the truth is this game is a big disappointment (sorry to lead you on like that J) There are only ten total characters to choose from, which really isn't a lot compared to most of the fighting games currently being released. The game is just way too simple, you pretty much just press a bunch of buttons without knowing what you press when you fight an enemy. Being able to throw everything in the stage is cool, but can quickly become a cheap throw-all-the-objects-in-sight-at-the-enemy type of match. It happened a lot with me. The AI is also VERY cheap, the higher the difficulty setting the cheaper the AI gets. Its extremely frustrating fighting against the bosses of this game, they mainly just perform jump kicks and other cheap moves repeatedly in order for you to drop your stones.

I expected the multi-player game to be much better, but again I was disappointed. Its fun at first to have tough brawls with your friends, but it quickly becomes old. Each match is the same thing, throw whatever object or shoot any weapon in hand at the enemy. Get the power stones, transform, and perform your super move.

That's the whole of it. I recommend Power Stone as a rental, do not buy this game. I've only had it for four days and am already bored of it. It will be fun the first couple of days, but will start collecting dust in a week. Hopefully Capcom's Power Stone 2 will be a better game.

Graphics: 8/10

Gameplay: 7/10

Sound: 7/10

Entertainment: 6/10

Overall: 7/10

Review By: Sean Lamma

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